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Winter Energy Savings


Have you seen little changes make a big difference? In this time of costly energy and heating costs paired with little to no income increases there are many small ways to make a big difference in your wallet, for the earth and to beautify your home! At DHS we can assist you with smaller jobs like fixing broken window panes, re-caulking seals around windows and doors or replacing/installing storm doors. We can also assist you with big jobs too; replacing old, drafty windows and doors, installing new energy efficient insulation or even new siding. Think that you can’t afford an “energy efficient” home? We can help you find the best products to save money every day, obtain tax breaks and even pair you with applicable rebates! We go the full mile to help YOU, call today for more information!

Did you know there are many different types of windows? They are not all the same – you really pay for what you get! Some windows end up COSTING you money over time with the loss of heating/cooling and energy as well as costly upkeep of broken pieces. You can get lovely mid-grade, energy efficient windows at an affordable price. Call us for a FREE consultation where we can show you samples of the actual products you will receive and for personal customization!